Terms & Conditions

 Points are non-transferable, have no cash value and may not be redeemed for cash

 Points are earned only on a la carte transactions. Catering orders and banquets do not apply

 Points cannot be earned on gift card purchases

  Points may only be accumulated by the person paying for the check

 Points may be split on checks with multiple parties, but the total points accumulated on the check cannot exceed the dollars spent

 Points are earned on only on sub-total amounts (tax and gratuity are excluded)

 When claiming checks for rewards points: points earned on purchases must be collected from the check by the end of the following day after purchase; points cannot be collected from checks on any days prior

 Points not redeemed after 12 months from last accumulation will expire

 There is no limit on points that can be earned each day

 Eli’s Restaurant Group may change or cancel the program at any time which may impact point accumulation, point value and reward redemption

 Terms and conditions may be modified at any time to comply with applicable state law in Eli’s sole discretion

 Members may not accumulate points on any purchases made at any Eli’s Restaurant Group prior to enrollment in the program

 Eli’s Restaurant Group is not liable for points and rewards lost from fraudulent usage

  Must be 18 or older to participate

 Employees of Eli’s Restaurant Group are not eligible for participation

 All redemptions must be made in house unless otherwise specified

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